Is the best yet to come?

My husband Collin and I have been married for 7 years, 2 months and 18 days. Prior to our wedding we maintained a steady relationship for 5 years. People ask us if we were high school sweethearts and I guess the answer is yes. Does it count if you just thought the new kid in school was cute and you happened to need a date to prom? I suppose it does.

2005, 2010, 2017


Not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new about this man in my life. Every day he suprises me with a new joke, a movie quote i’ve never heard or just some random fact about the universe. His memory operates on another level and never fails to amaze me! His imagination is truly outstanding! It is no wonder that after all of this time (12 years!) he still manages to sweep me off my feet.

This summer we attended Collin’s grandparents 65th wedding anniversary party.  Algene and Carol married young in 1952. They have four children and many grandchildren. Today, they have 7 great grandchildren in their lives and it’s all because two people fell in love.

The Ottesons, est: 1952

Of course, It makes me consider our own 65th annivesary in 2075. What more is there to learn about Collin? What suprises will he pull out of his head in another 10, 30, or 50 years!? What lies ahead for us? Only time will tell, and I cannot wait to find out!

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1 Second A Day – September 2017

A small peek into our daily fall-lovin’ lifestyle throughout the month of September here in central South Dakota.

Special Mentions:

September 4) South Dakota State Fair
September 5) Dignity Statue located in Chamberlain, SD
September 9) Insect Festival in Brookings, South Dakota at McCrory Gardens
September 21) Annual Homecoming Festivities, toilet papering by the student body
September 22) Homecoming Parade
September 24) Historic Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Depot Museum and Visitors Center
September 28) East Central Marching Band Festival in Arlington, SD
September 30) Annual Pumpkin Patch

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1 Second a Day // August 2017

A small peek into our month of August, where Hans began preschool and Collin resumed his position as band director for the 5th year.


Special Mentions:
August 12) Hans’ 5th Birthday Party
August 19) Redwing, MN – Grandparents 65th wedding anniversary party
August 24) Hans’ first day of preschool
August 26) Hans’ first plane ride, a gift from mom and dad
August 30) State fair in Huron, SD with friend Ross
August 31) Hans’ 5th birthday, celebrating at Dairy Queen with french fries!

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1 Second A Day – July 2017

A small peek into our daily summer-lovin’ lifestyle throughout the month of July here in central South Dakota.

1 Second Per Day // July 2017

Special Mentions:

July 1) Hans riding his first parade float with our local athletic dance team which he begins training with in the fall.
July 8) Our favorite summer festival in Brookings, SD, Brookings Summer Arts Festival
July 9) Our local drive in movie theater, Midway Drive In
Day 12) Fantastic summer reading program at our local library.
Day 13) Collin was chosen out of a crowd to perform with the group Sheltered Reality, a choreographed drum group.
Day 20) Hans and Gwen’s first real camping experience at Lake Louise with Grandma and Grandpa Lieffort
Day 22) Hands of Hope Color Run
Day 27) Soccer Camp
Day 28) Baseball Camp
Day 29) A complimentary music therapy class courtesy of Music Therapy Empowers located in Brookings.
Day 30) Feeding a giraffe at the Great Plains Zoo