Weekly Vlogging // Week 2

Recording our second “weekly vlog” was slightly less awkward this week. We started the week, the Monday following Easter, at the shrine circus in Huron. The kids had a blast and Dad showered them in all the flashy light up toys they could dream of (:

Hans also had dance practice on Monday, a private dance lesson on Tuesday and tumble class on Thursday. The dance studio had professional photos scheduled on Friday for individuals and each team. I am excited to see the results and get a button of Hans’ face so I can be “dance mom” official.
Hans did so well at the recital, everything ran very smoothly. He performed four times, two separate dances per show. I am SO proud of him, he never showed any fear of getting on that stage and performing!

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Weekly Vlogging // Week 1

Our family made the decision to begin recording a weekly vlog for the month of April. If it goes well, we will continue into May. I just posted our first weekly vlog onto youtube and I will admit that it was a bit of a challenge. Making sure that the video flows and hits all the high points of our week was a bit of a challenge. I imagine that it will be easier (and less awkward) as the weeks continue. I am so thankful for all of the youtubers that create content and share their experience, it is very inspiring!
The decision to vlog has been on my mind for YEARS! I remember wanting to start around Christmas in 2012 after Hans was born. In fact, we have footage that we filmed but never got put together. Maybe someday I will upload it.. I know Hans would think it is fun to watch himself as a little baby on his first Christmas.

Our goal is to create easy to watch memories for our family by consolidating the video clips we take on a day to day basis. We also want to allow our extended family a peek into our daily lives.

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1 Second Per Day // February 2018

Special Mentions:

February 13: Hans’ first dance performance at halftime of a Miller Rustler basketball game.
February 16: Hans and I visited the Nath’s in Luverne, MN.
February 17: Visited the County Fair in Brandon, SD and enjoyed bouncy houses and arcade games!
February 23: Suprised Collin with his band singing ‘Happy Birthday’ at pep band followed by cupcakes and icecream for his 30th birthday.

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Hans’ First Dance Performance!

I am beaming with pride for Hans tonight! He performed his first recreational dance showcase at a local basketball game during halftime. I was worried that he might be shy or refuse to get in front of the crowd but he went out onto the court and gave it all he had! The performance was very well received by the community. Hans told me afterward that “It was a blast!!!” I am so proud of his dedication and hard work in his first year of dance classes. He seems to enjoy it immensely and I hope that he will continue to want to pursue it in the future.