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March Of Dimes: a story about IC

May 2012, 22 weeks and being hospitalized for premature labor.

Hello all, today I will share with you why I choose to fund raise for the March of Dimes.

My personal history:

In the 22nd week of my first pregnancy I was diagnosed with an Incompetent Cervix. An incompetent cervix is a condition that occurs when weak cervical tissue contributes to premature birth or the loss of an otherwise healthy pregnancy in the second trimester. As a first time mother I was fortunate enough to have a good OB/GYN and perinatologist team who discovered that my cervix was opening too quickly and I was in premature labor. I was taken to labor and delivery in the connected hospital where I had a cerclage placed. A cerclage is a stitch placed in the cervix that prevents the cervix from dilating any further. The cerclage along with prescribed strict bed rest allowed me to reach full term pregnancy status. The cerclage was removed at 36 weeks and I gave birth to a healthy baby boy at exactly 38 weeks.

Although my story is unlike other March of Dimes stories, I still feel like it needs to be shared to spread awareness of this condition. About 1 in 100 women has an incompetent cervix and most women have never heard of it. An incompetent cervix is usually diagnosed after a woman has had two 2nd trimester pregnancy losses.

With my second pregnancy, my new OB/GYN team knew what to look for. I was scheduled to receive a second cerclage a lot earlier in the pregnancy, around 14 weeks. Afterwards I was placed on modified bed rest and restrictions in every aspect of my life. My son was around 15 months old at that time and my husband had a work schedule that was all over the place. Luckily my parents lived nearby and were able to help out with a lot of things I couldn’t take care of on my own. At 36 weeks I had the cerclage removed and once again gave birth at exactly 38 weeks, this time to a healthy baby girl.

While my story has a happy ending, I know that many who walk with the March of Dimes do not. I’ve personally known too many women who have had babies end up in the NICU whether they were born too early or had complications at birth. Unfortunately thousands of babies are born too soon every single day and I would like to do my small part to help in research that benefits the parents of these babies. The money that the March Of Dimes raises goes toward supporting and educating women. It provides a fighting chance for all babies!

To donate any amount to the March of Dimes, please follow this link. Remember, your contribution can bring hope to every mom and baby through lifesaving research!!!



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