Road Tripping with a Preschooler

“We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocketship..”

Who recognizes that catchy song excerpt? Hans, age 4, and I are going on a road trip to Ohio! That is around 16 hours away from our small town in South Dakota. I’ve spent the last few days packing, re-packing and basically obsessing over if I have everything I will possibly need for this epic trip. Unfortunately, we are not taking my favorite red “rocket ship”, my trusted mini van. We are taking Grandmas new car that is a little better on gas mileage. I have my own vehicle fully stocked with basic and emergency needs, such as a extra outfits for the kids, a first aid kit, activities and an assortment of other “just in case” items.  I cannot help feeling a little lost without it!

The options for our trip according to google maps.

I have not made a trip like this before, so I am understandably a little nervous. I just recently drove in Minneapolis, MN for the first time and that was certainly an adventure in its own self. My mom and I will be taking turns driving and we will be stopping somewhere outside of Chicago to spend the night on the trip there and the return trip. Today we knock off about two hours in our journey by traveling to my family and staying the night. There we will leave Gwen with Grandpa, where she will spend time with him through Saturday.  As per usual, my husband will be staying home for work purposes. He’s so busy, but that is a different story!


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