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Parallel Lives

This month of November my husband and I have been living parallel lives.

In our experience, the term “parallel lives” stems from a counseling session Collin and I had a couple of years ago. The therapist really put our living situation into perspective, he explained to us how easy it is to get caught up in schedules, raising children and other life stuff. It felt as though we were taking everything in shifts, the kids, housework, buying groceries… We rarely took any time for ourselves as a couple and it was becoming evident in our relationship. His advice was to revisit our earlier days as a new couple. The days when there weren’t children or shared bills to worry about. When the passion was new and time was bountiful. This allowed us to reconnect on a more personal level. Reminiscing about why we fell in love helped us to see how our love had grown and changed over the years.

The month of November has been rough, Collin has been gone several days at a time two weeks in a row for school related activities. The kids and I have been here, there and everywhere. Last weekend Collin and I crossed paths with each other in Brookings for a few minutes to exchange a hug. He proceeded to go all the way home to Miller that night while the kids and I stayed at my parents for the next two nights. This week is Thanksgiving and it is a given that Collin will be at home with annual commitments. Hans, Gwen and I will be heading back to Grandma and Grandpa’s home in Brookings for a Thanksgiving feast and black Friday shopping. This entire month has been a “parallel living” type of month. I miss my husband when we are apart but I can at least understand that soon enough we will intersect and get some quality time together for the holidays!


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