A Sentence A Day for November // 2017

Wednesday, November 1st: Collin is home sick today, miserable in bed.

Thursday, November 2nd:  After Gwen and I dropped Hans off at school we ran errands and visited dad at school.

Friday, November 3rd: Today I had the honor of snuggling with a beautiful baby doll named Emilia Hopkins while the Hopkins had a nice warm supper as a family (plus Collin).

Saturday, November 4th: Happy heavenly birthday to Janna Leah Holmstrom.

Sunday, November 5th: Remember, Remember the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot..

Monday, November 6th: Collin and I started our journey in watching every single movie that we own, beginning with Big Fish.

Tuesday, November 7th: Today the kids dug through our bin of legos unearthing as many mini figures as they could find.

Wednesday, November 8th: I was overwhelmed today by the thought of going outside but fought through it and managed to get the kids to the park, the library and out to eat supper with one of their best friends.

Thursday, November 9th: Hans participated in the Veterans Day program this morning with his preschool class stating the pledge of allegiance for an entire crowd of people.

Friday, November 10th: Ended the day with my good friends The Harrells, playing Turkey Bingo at the local Legion, we didn’t win though! ):

Saturday, November 11th: The kids and I traveled to Huron, SD today to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa Lieffort and play another round of Turkey Bingo where once we again we walked out empty handed. ):

Sunday, November 12th: Weighed in today for my weekly challenge and discovered that I had gained 4lbs, the second gain i’ve had all year.

Monday, November 13th: Took some time as a family today and did some laundry too!

Tuesday, November 14th: Tonight was Collin’s Indoor Marching Show, the junior  and senior high bands performed exceptionally well and Collin was a riot on the microphone as usual.

Wednesday, November 15th: Gwen and I were exausted today, we dropped Hans off at school than we went home and crawled back into bed for a few hours!

Thursday, November 16th: Babysat the Iverson’s children today, Milo is 10 months old and Jonah is 4 years old.

Friday, November 17th: The kids and I are driving to Brookings today to visit family and take a trip to Sioux Falls.

Saturday, November 18th: Today we celebrated Rhys’ birthday by visiting the Childrens Museum in Brookings with some of our closest friends, the Naths and the Ilaugs.

Sunday, November 19th: Drove home to Miller today to spend some time with Collin, who we haven’t seen since Wednesday!

Monday, November 20th: Laundry day, finally washed the kids stuffed animals!

Tuesday, November 21st: Visited with a doctor today about increasing my antidepressant today, he increased it 20mg and told me I should take benadryl to help myself sleep.

Wednesday, November 22nd: Taking another trip to Brookings to celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents tomorrow.

Thursday, November 23rd: Celebrated Thanksgiving day by enjoying turkey and other delicious food with family followed by black Friday shopping at walmart and JcPenney!

Friday, November 24th: Made our way home today with a detour in Huron, SD to pick up my brand new cell phone and watch the parade of lights, so magical!

Saturday, November 25th: Took yet another trip to Huron, SD to pick up Collin’s brand new cell phone and visit with Grandpa Blake and Shauna.

Sunday, November 26th: Today was filled to the brim with church activities and fantastic craft fair to support local businesses.

Monday, November 27th: Laundry day turned into a park day because it was 70 degrees outside, so wonderful!

Tuesday, November 28th: Hans stayed home sick from school and Gwen was very sick later in the day, pulling at her ears telling me they hurt.

Wednesday, November 29th: Took Gwen to the clinic to see if she has an ear infection, she doesn’t.

Thursday, November 30th: Hans had a regular day of school today while Gwen and I stayed home to do laundry.



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