Hans’ First Dance Performance!

I am beaming with pride for Hans tonight! He performed his first recreational dance showcase at a local basketball game during halftime. I was worried that he might be shy or refuse to get in front of the crowd but he went out onto the court and gave it all he had! The performance was very well received by the community. Hans told me afterward that “It was a blast!!!” I am so proud of his dedication and hard work in his first year of dance classes. He seems to enjoy it immensely and I hope that he will continue to want to pursue it in the future.


1 Second Per Day // December 2017


Special Mentions:

December 5: Winter Concert at MHS
December 7: Christmas on the Prairie

December 9: Parade of Lights in Wessington, SD
December 16: Christmas at the Capitol, Pierre, SD
December 17: Hans’ first Christmas Program at church
December 20: Hans caroling with his preschool class
December 24: Christmas Eve Service