School Pick Up

My son is a kindergartner, he sits on a bench and waits for me to walk through the doors to pick him up after school. I assume this is the safest option at his age since the older children are allowed to leave on their own after the school bell rings. Some days I go into the elementary school before he is released, sit on the bench with a big smile on my face and make small talk with every parent that passes by. On other days I don’t leave my mini van until the very last moment, walk inside with my face buried in my phone and avoid eye contact at all costs. Today I found this meme on Facebook and to my surprise it put my feelings/action into words, it is the exact internal struggle I have been dealing with.  Until today I honestly could not decide if it was just a “me” thing or if every mom in the school pick up line experiences this.
For some reason, I find that expressing this internal debate is embarrassing. Admitting my faults out loud (or at least publicly on the internet) makes me seriously anxious. I am just going to assume it is a natural response to life, that not every person is a social butterfly all of the time..I hope.

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