Ketogenic Lifestyle: Week 29

Today, August 6th, 2017, marks the beginning of my 29th week of utilizing the ketogenic diet in my everyday life. If you missed my first post and are unsure of what the ketogenic diet is, please feel free to start here.. My Ketogenic Journey – The Beginning I'd like to share three of my favorite personal... Continue Reading →

Small Town Entertainment in the Summer

In the following list, I've compiled a list of ideas that are relatively inexpensive or even free for those long summer days. Click to read more! Library If your local library is anything like mine, it does not see a lot of action mid-afternoon during the week. For my family this is an ideal time to visit as... Continue Reading →

Road Tripping with a Preschooler

"We're going on a trip in our favorite rocketship.." Who recognizes that catchy song excerpt? Hans, age 4, and I are going on a road trip to Ohio! That is around 16 hours away from our small town in South Dakota. I've spent the last few days packing, re-packing and basically obsessing over if I... Continue Reading →

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